Salsa and Chips Audio Track


My recipe for Salsa and Chips audio track

Creativity comes in many flavors. It can be really refreshing to try a whole different form of media than the ones you are used to. With that in mind, I made a play date with Garage Band and created this remix. Goes great with non-gmo tortilla chips and guac. Here’s the recipe:

Starting with Garage Band ’11 select Magic Garage Band. Click on Latin as your music theme and click ‘open in Garage Band’. With the Latin theme as the main ingredient, I added an assortment of tracks from the loops menu. Separating the track volume from each track, I was then able to fade in each ‘ingredient’ and adjust and blend the volume output of each one. In this piece, a total of 14 tracks were used: flute, percussion, clave, rattler, cowbell, percussion, bongo, techno kit, 2 types of jingles and 3 assorted vinyl tracks. Blend to taste et voila!

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