Photo Tip: Just Notice

Many people over the years have asked me, “Wow, nice photos. What kind of camera do you use?” Politely I answer the question but then I tell them “it is the eye behind the camera that creates the photo.” There are tips and skills you can hone to take better photos faster. This week’s tip for better photography is: just notice. What I mean by that is just pay attention to everything in your viewfinder. Is there a tree sticking out behind someone’s head in your photo? Then just move over so the background is better. Did you notice the minute detail in the center of a flower? Just notice it and shoot that interesting part of the flower. Did you see the shadows falling in a pattern on the ground? That can make very interesting photos as well. The good part of noticing is that it carries over into the rest of your life. You’ll start noticing more of everything around you and ultimately you may even begin to feel more alive and happy as a result! Happy noticing!

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